Candleberry Jar Candles

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Candleberry candles are available for the season in jars!  Our Candle Roses® are tranistioning to this exciting new brand with amazing fragrances.

The small jars also fit in our large gift boxes!

Jars Vary from 10oz - 26 oz.

Spiced Punkin Pie - The savory scent of nutmeg, cinnamon & allspice and Pumpkin Puree combine to tease your taste buds!

Hot Maple Toddy - Bourbon infused maple-honey concoction Grandma used to cure all ailments, warm spirits dashed with lemon juice, clove honey, a dash of cinnamon and Candleberry's®  top secret, special ingredient that makes this an absolutely explosive fragrance unduplicatable by any company in the world, combine to make an experience of utter happiness.

Friendship Tea - A powerful combination of warm mulling spices and refreshing iced orange tea. It is one of the first candles we made at the Candleberry Candle Company and by popular demand it is still here today.

Cinnamon Broomstick - It's a sweet, red-hot, cinnamon, like the most WONDERFUL Christmas Candy available, bringing memories of Christmas past.

Candleberry Christmas - This scent is a pungent, tart cranberry mixed with the ultimate, powerful, woodsy(earthy), fall bayberry.  It is an absolute house-filler and a scent that many homes will not go the holiday season without.  Liven up and brand your holiday memories with the warm aroma of  bayberry, spices and tart cranberries.

Christmas Tree - Everyone agreed on the perfect shape and just the right height and the thick, warm scent of the pine filled the air with the first chop of bark. Then the needles completely filled the room with their fragrance and hearts with memories from Christmases long ago.