About Us

ephet-character-2019-2apng.pngMy name is "Ephet".  Our story began one day sitting in a friend's living room at a party.  His wife's birthday was coming up and hewas not the romantic gesture type.  I offered to help with the suggestion of live flowers!  He insisted no live flowers because they died,  they were both disappointed and felt like he was wasting his money.   Instead I was going to get her candles but knew she really liked the way flowers looked.  From that I knew more people must feel like him and I wanted to create a product to fill that need.   So I found a way we could have the best of both -Candle Roses® was born and they were happy.  We have made lots of people happy.

Since then we have opened a retail store The Unicorn Emporium - Gallery of Unusual Gifts.  Our first location is in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Here we offer one of a kind designs and creations.  Our gift boxes are an experience that is by far the best at our store location.  Create your own gift that expresses what you want your gift to show!  They will appreciate the gift that you design, that reflects your style and turns their moment into a lasting memorable experience.  

Our products are innovative and can be custom created by your inspiration.  Our experience was developed with colors and fragrances to tantalize the senses and to help everyone be able to give the simple gift that brings heartfelt memories.   Our unique arrangements are made with candles that can be removed and used- lighting up your life.  An unscented white candle option is available on all arrangements.

We ship Nationwide!

Email us:tuetarpon.com  Call us: 727-279-7594