Scents, Color, and Sex

Scents, Color, and Sex

Posted by Ephet on 19th Oct 2018

Scents, Color and Sex

Scent and color play a very prominent role in our lives influencing reactions.

Let’s take a look at scent -

Scent is a biological mechanism used for recognition, communication and signaling. Scent can promote health, improve memory, learning and alertness. Scent is pervasive and so you spend your days encountering many different smells that you may hardly even notice how they influence you, reassure you, and assist in your decision making.

Scientific insights have brought aromas to the forefront to be viewed in a new way as a communication tool.

Scientific research has now proven that aromas are an integral part of our lives, and have a powerful impact on our memory, perceptions, emotions, and our physiology.

Color –

Colors have been known to create strong emotions. Colors can change our mood, make us work or feel tired – imagine, your room colors may be the reason for your bad productivity or lower creativity! The human eye sees about 7,000,000 colors. Certain colors and color relationships can irritate, cause headaches, or make you feel sick. Other colors and color combinations are healing and soothing.

Consequently, the appropriate use of color can maximize productivity, minimize visual fatigue, and relax the whole body. Colors do impact our psyche whether we know it or not – in our moods and productivity. The fact that colors affect our moods, emotions and behavior, has been known to humankind from ancient times.

Watch for our book, it is a journey through the powerful influences of scent and color where you might just find that the physiological and physchological powers may be key to drive your business in new directions, enhance your romantic life, and create more happiness in your surroundings.